The “cost saving” is in the network.
The service is in the Knowledge.

"If you don't ask, you don't get!"

Who are we?

FS started in May of 2017. Already in August the same year, did we have more than 30 different projects ongoing in Norway and even some internationally projects.

FS is a one stop shop/single point of contract way of working, with the lean method in focus. We are always working for, and looking for better ways to solve our partners or clients challenges and needs.

We are known for our big network, both national and international. This is what we use to have the clients best interest in focus. Our main goal is to give you an easier day to day work life.

Our purpose is to make possibilities happen, and have been specializing at connecting companies and people to solve difficulties they may have. This can be everything from technical difficulties to economical difficulties.

In December of 2017 FS was bought from its entrepreneurs to be a part of the Personal Partner Group. We are proud to be a part of this group that also, like us has their clients and people in focus

Conveyor of products/services

We have worked a lot, both for our partners and clients to make a easy and fast way of getting projects completed.
We make this happen with less waiting time and more planning so the projects are done more cost effectively. We have a good track record on this, and have saved partners for up to 20% on there project this 2 last years.

This is of course giving our clients lower cost per projects..

We are using our technical background and network to give our clients the right and best partners for there projects. We are often bringing Norwegian companies and knowledge out in the world, but often also we bring companies and clients from China and Poland to Norway. We believe that sharing knowledge is the path to cost saving.

We are often contacted by people or companies to give advice or help to solve challenges in a projects. We solve this with using our network and sharing knowledge between our partners.

We can convey all from education and curses to set price on a building. We are always open to solve your needs or projects.

Finding investors and partner groups

We have, the last two years, worked with bringing the right investor groups together with the right idea makers and companies worldwide. This, to make good companies and work places with long term plans.

FS have helped idea makers to get prototypes produced in the most cost efficient way possible. We have done this with the help of our network and FS have been part of many developing projects for the state and for private companies or persons.

FS have been known as a partner to build solid partnership between people and companies. You can look up TAG (The Alliance Group) that was one of the biggest partnership agreements in Europe in 2015.

The leaders of FS believe that the best success is achieved with the success you build for others.

This is our goal: “We will be successful through making other companies and People successful.”

Agents and sales partners national and international

FS have helped different Norwegian companies to make a start up international. We have agents and a network around the world, and this network can give companies a cost saving solutions to take a chance in a new country or business area.

We often build partnership between people. We bring together sales, production and service companies in one solution. So they can build a good partnership that give all partners more work and better service to its clients.

We believe the projects and tasks are working better if we all are doing things we are good at and leave the other tasks to experts in the area they are best in. We have many good stories, where we can prove that this is a good solution for all and can bring people or companies to new heights.

FS have contacts for sales agents, storage, offices and buildings in America, Asia, Irak, Iran and many other places around the world. So if you or your company have needs, we can help you. 

We can often be a door opener for products or new companies that wants to come to Norway. We have helped many companies in on the Norwegian marked through our network and experience in sales. 

FS have often built and developed departments for other companies worldwide. This gives a cost efficient start up. Where you can build your company step by step, but still know your clients get the service it deserve and you only pay for results.  

Partners and clients